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Established in 2013, English Evolution is Bogota Colombia’s dedicated and innovative English language service provider. We focus on English training for all needs: academic, corporate, travel, preparatory, topic specific and social purposes, as well as consultancy services and certified and non certified translation services.



Our language facilitators are all experienced professionals sourced from around the English speaking world. Our stringent selection criteria ensures that only teachers with the proper pedagogical and interpersonal skills will have the privilege of teaching you.

The Director

Steve Sanchez is an Australian born educator, practitioner and coach in the fields of Linguistic. Having acquired well over 20 valuable years of experience and education, Steve is an expert in the areas of ESL (English as a Second Language) and SLA (Second Language Acquisition).

  • Griffith University


    Certificate of excellence in Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics, Brisbane Australia, 2001

  • Griffith University


    Bachelor of Commerce, Brisbane Australia, 2005


Common European Framework of Reference for Language

  • The key outcome of our teaching method is to facilitate our students with the gift of natural speech. We achieve this by teaching and constantly reinforcing correct grammar and correct pronunciation, as well as giving you the knowledge skills to know how and when to use the English language properly as pertinent to the setting involved.

    The pedagogy and assessment strategies used by our expert English language educators will ensure that your learning process is of the highest quality.

  • English Evolution is the innovator in the use of linguistics to enhance and further the learning process. This is a true gamechanger in the fields of Second Language Acquisition and English as a Second Language.

    Our program, teaching materials and methods of evaluation are all based on the Common European Framework which is the world's most reliable and recognized scale of evaluating English acquisition and ability

European Framework

Career Opportunities

English Evolution always welcomes qualified, motivated and results driven teachers and translators. Please contact us to further your teaching career today.